Make Use of the Free Trials!

Discussion in 'Cord Cutter Chat' started by LeoIrish, Oct 30, 2017.

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    Mar 28, 2015
    I have helped a few people cut the cord recently, and one of the most common hurdles was them trying to figure out what services to use. For whatever reason, it seems many try and figure everything out after cancelling cable instead of making use of the free trials. The free trials are nice because they do not cost you anything other than a bit of time so you are able to compare each of the services you want to use - even more important if you are looking to use a live OTT service. Make use of the free trials, see which one / ones work best for you, and then move forward.

    Side Note: I personally like making use of the free trials available via Amazon and their "Channels". The primary reason is I like not having to create a different account each time I decide to give one a try. Granted, some of their trials are shorter (ex: 1-week versus up to 1-month if you subscribe to HBO Now directly). But, if you are just looking to browse around the different services available, is it easy to subscribe and immediately cancel so you are not charged a monthly fee. You can always subscribe to the channel again if you decide there is enough content to pay for it.

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